Promoting Individual and Community Flourishing in Schools

The Education for Flourishing Conference is co-hosted by the Consortium for Human Flourishing at Saint Louis University, the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University, and the Teacher Education for Flourishing Collaborative at Notre Dame of Maryland University.


This interdisciplinary conference will bring together educators, policy makers, philosophers, public health professionals and parents, among others, to lay the foundation and framework to promote individual and community flourishing through education. To this end, we will offer a series of presentations and workshops dedicated to the promotion of flourishing in pre-K- 16+ education. Each session will open with a presentation and conclude with breakout sessions to discuss action towards achievable goals around the topic. 

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Previous topics have addressed flourishing as a way to address adverse childhood experiences and mental health. This year, we look forward to a variety of topics related to integrating flourishing into existing practices and policies. This conference is aligned with current trends in flourishing and will divided into the following subtopics/ strands: 1) Education Leadership,          2) Curriculum and Instruction, 3) School Practices and Interventions, 4) Education Policy, 5) Teacher Education, 6) Measurement and Evaluation, 7) Parents and Families.


Proposals must be submitted no later than May 28, 2021. Presenters will be notified with session information no later than July 2, 2021. Interested presenters can submit their proposals here.